Owner's Representation 

BRIX acts as the owner’s advocate to ensure that your project is properly managed and completed on schedule and within budget while minimizing project execution risk to meet the investment objective.  We provide you with the support you need for a satisfactory outcome.  With a skilled staff, we provide Owner’s Representation services to meet the needs of a diverse client and project range.

Project Document & Cost Review

Plan and Cost Reviews (P&CRs) are prepared to identify and mitigate risk associated with a proposed construction project.  Our team of professionals are experienced in reviewing project plans and specifications, development budgets, third-party reports, and other documents to formulate an opinion regarding the feasibility and buildability of a project.

In the preparation of the P&CR, BRIX analyzes the plans and proposed costs of a construction project to ensure they align with the goals and objectives of the project.  The schedule and costs are assessed against our index of comparable projects that have been successfully completed.  

A thorough P&CR reduces the overall risk associated with a construction project by ensuring project plans are complete, accurate, and generally in compliance with applicable codes; schedules are attainable; budgets are realistic; and that the site has been shown to be suitable for the construction proposed.  

Project Management

BRIX provides expeditious and insightful attention to issues on your project.  Our organizational model allows us flexibility to quickly act in response to evolving project variables.  Our team has experience working with design teams to help you manage the scope, overall cost, and project schedule.  We are often able to identify emerging issues and develop solutions before problems strike. 

We provide guidance on constructability, cost implications, planning, and management.  We can also review the overall project schedule and provide input to the owner regarding the planned project duration and potential impacts to project delivery.  

Property Condition Assessment

Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) are usually performed as part of a prospective purchaser’s due diligence.  A PCA provided by BRIX follows the current ASTM E 2018 standard and is a comprehensive evaluation of the physical condition of a property at the time of the inspection.  PCAs are used to identify existing or potential physical deficiencies or related issues, which could impact the value or marketability of a property.  

Our team of professionals is well-versed in many types of building systems and is qualified to conduct a thorough on-site inspection of a building’s major systems and components including the sub- and super-structure; building envelope; interior and exterior finishes; mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, and conveyance systems; and ancillary site features.  

Following the inspection, BRIX will provide a detailed report of observed conditions, including the severity and urgency of any deficiency identified, with recommendations and projected costs for remediation or repair.  

Construction Loan Monitoring 

As a third-party inspector, BRIX represents national, regional, and local banks; lending institutions; individual investors; real estate investment trusts (REITs); and others to monitor the progress of a construction project as it relates to budget and schedule.  

Inspections are conducted either on a set schedule, or as requested.  Following the inspection, we provide a user-friendly summary report to document overall progress vs. budget and schedule, photographs of progress, and in some cases, notice of emerging issues.  

Our reports provide peace-of-mind that the project has sufficient funding to bring the project to completion.  

Environmental Services 

With our highly qualified and experienced staff, BRIX is able to provide a wide range of environmental consulting services.  Some of the services we provide include:

Attainable Housing Services

BRIX is experienced in conducting various assessments required to obtain low-income housing tax credits or HUD funding.  We have worked on projects that have been submitted to the Alabama Housing Finance Authority, Louisiana Housing Authority, Tennessee Housing Development Agency, Metropolitan Development and Housing Authority, Housing Authority of the Birmingham District, and the South Carolina Housing Authority.  

  • Phase I ESAs
  • Capital Needs Assessments
  • HUD Environmental Assessments (including the HEROS platform)
  • Section 106 Assessments
  • HUD Noise Studies