With our highly qualified and experienced staff, BRIX is able to provide a wide range of environmental consulting services.  Some of the services we provide include:

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I ESAs are usually performed as part of a prospective purchaser’s due diligence, although a Phase I can be conducted at any time.  Phase Is are vital to protect a purchaser from potentially sharing in liability for undisclosed environmental issues.  Phase I ESAs produced by BRIX meet or exceed the current standards and regulations and give you peace of mind for your commercial property transaction.

SBA Records Search and Risk Assessment

BRIX can conduct Records Search and Risk Assessments (RSRA) for SBA property transactions.  Because an RSRA uses sources and procedures that comply with All-Appropriate Inquiries and Phase I ESA standards, if an RSRA determines a full Phase I ESA is warranted, the information collected for the RSRA can be incorporated into the Phase I ESA.   

Asbestos Inspection/Project Design

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that has been used since perhaps as early as 4000 B.C.  Asbestos was most widely used from the 1920s through the 1970s.  Due to its physical properties that make it resistant to most chemicals, non-reactive, easily woven, fire-retardant, insulating, etc., asbestos was added to a multitude of consumer products.  Use of asbestos in consumer products has never been banned in the US.  

BRIX staff has years of experience conducting asbestos inspections and is well versed in developing sampling protocols for a wide range of projects.  Whether your project requires an inspection compliant with AHERA or NESHAP, or if you just need general information, BRIX can provide an inspection to fit your needs.  

BRIX staff has a deep understanding of the various asbestos regulations and their applicability to your project.  We are experienced in the preparation and execution of asbestos abatement project designs for a wide range of clients.   

Radon Services

Radon is an odorless, colorless, radioactive gas released from rocks, soil, and water.  Radon is produced as uranium from the earth’s crust decays.

BRIX has certified Radon Measurement Professionals and Mitigations Specialists certified through the NRPP.  Our professionals have extensive experience conducting multi-family and large building radon sampling, interpretation, and mitigation design to satisfy a wide range of end users.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality concerns can be attributed to many factors.  Microbial growth, allergens, and other environmental factors may cause building occupants to experience a range of symptoms from mild allergic dermatitis to infections requiring hospitalizations.  BRIX staff has significant experience collecting samples and monitoring indoor air in settings ranging from commercial to institutional to industrial.  We are also familiar with the requirements to demonstrate compliance for LEED certification.

Wetlands Assessments

BRIX staff is skilled in conducting and documenting wetlands investigations for submittal to the USACE.  We have relationships with the USACE and have a track record for obtaining concurrence from the USACE.

Attainable Housing Services

BRIX is experienced in conducting various assessments required to obtain low-income housing tax credits or HUD funding.  We have worked on projects that have been submitted to the Alabama Housing Finance Authority, Louisiana Housing Authority, Tennessee Housing Development Agency, Metropolitan Development and Housing Authority, Housing Authority of the Birmingham District, and the South Carolina Housing Authority.  

  • Phase I ESAs
  • Capital Needs Assessments
  • HUD Environmental Assessments (including the HEROS platform)
  • Section 106 Assessments
  • HUD Noise Studies